Hunger is a very real problem in the United States, and it is only on the rise. The entirety of our United States of America houses 48,832,000 seniors, single moms, children, widowers, orphans, and regular Joes who are in a state of food insecurity–individuals choosing between paying a bill and buying dinner. Extra Table can step in to help fill that gap and meet the needs of hungry Mississippians and citizens across the country. We are fighting hunger wherever it’s at and calling an end to it’s presence in every community we can possibly reach.

The most common perception of hunger in our country revolves around those who are abusing government and state systems made available to our communities. Though there will always be a degree of system abuse, there is only a small portion of that. We’re asking you to look past the stories you’ve heard and focus on those Extra Table is encountering instead; mom’s who can’t seem to make ends meet no matter how many hours they work, families who have been left in the wake of a downturn economy, men who have worked physically their entire lives only to wind up applying for disability and waiting on a check to be approved, and seniors whose Social Security checks aren’t as much as they had counted on them to be. As unemployment creeps in on household after household, hunger is skyrocketing and picking up speed. It’s time to help those in our own communities who have fallen on hard times. We’re taking a stand against hunger in our own backyard, and we’re on the ground working to fix the problem. Help us help your neighbors. Join us.

Here are some statistics if you want to take a peak at who is suffering in your town.