Extra Table supplies food pantries and soup kitchens with the food they need every month. We do that by purchasing food and having it delivered to emergency food centers in need. Extra Table is proudly partnered with the nation’s largest food distribution company, Sysco. By partnering with Sysco, we are able to purchase healthy food at the lowest possible price point, thereby supplying food pantries and soup kitchens with the food they need.

If you are interested in donating to Extra Table we’ll use 100% of your donation to purchase food from Sysco and have it sent to a food pantry or soup kitchen in your area. When we place an order from Sysco brand new food is sent to the designated partner agency. Sysco takes care of delivery for us, and even unloads the food from the truck for our agencies. Be assured that the food from Sysco is brand new food that is not expired, and the cans aren’t even dented. We want to get our agencies the best we can and Sysco is helping us do just that. Within each food bundle is the healthiest food we can come by. We’re committed to getting wholesome nutritious food into the hands of those who need it, and the foods we purchase meet that criteria.


If you’re looking to help eliminate hunger with us we couldn’t be happier! Since we don’t keep food in-house (we have it delivered straight to our partner agencies) you can help provide healthy food to the hungry in your community by donating monetarily. Absolutely 100% of your donation purchases food for your area. Since we are able to purchase food at wholesale prices this is a smartest option you can come by. We are thankful for every dollar we receive, and are tickled pink you have even read this far.

If we aren’t yet able to service your area and you still want to donate we will send food to the agency most in need, and we’ll do our best to get to your area quickly.