Hunger is a very real problem in the United States, and it is only on the rise. The entirety of the United States of America houses 48,832,000 seniors, single moms, children, widowers, orphans, and regular Joes who are in a state of food insecurity; individuals choosing between paying a bill and buying dinner. Extra Table can step in to fill that gap and meet the need of hungry Mississippians and citizens across the country. We’re grabbing hunger where it’s at and calling an end to its presence in every community we can possibly reach.

“Food insecurity refers to the USDA’s measure of lack of access, at times, to enough food for an active healthy life for all household members and limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate foods” according to Feeding America’s Hunger Study. Feeding America, the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity, conducted the largest study of domestic hunger by providing comprehensive and statistically valid data based on emergency food distribution participants. The study indicates and proves that hunger in this country is only on the rise. Emergency food pantries are quickly becoming a concept of the past as long-term food needs are becoming the new norm. The sustained need for long-term food strategies underscores the challenge of food banks in securing sufficient quantities of food to distribute. Extra Table exists to fill this gap and meet the need for those relying on long-term food assistance. Food pantry clients are not visiting pantries to meet temporary food needs, but instead are a part of long term monthly supplement due to short falls in food. Among the most consistent of pantry clients are low and fixed income seniors. Over 56% of seniors (65+) are monthly participants in food pantries.

Skeptical or not the problem of hunger in this country is very real. Unfortunately, it’s only getting worse. The most common perception of hunger in our country revolves around those who are abusing government and state systems made available to our communities. Though there will always be a degree of system abuse there is only a small portion of that. We’re asking you to look past the stories you’ve heard and focus on those Extra Table is encountering instead; moms who can’t seem to make ends meet no matter how many hours they work, families who have been left in the wake of a downturn economy, men who have worked physically their entire lives only to wind up applying for disability and waiting on a check to be approved, and seniors whose Social Security checks aren’t as much as they had counted on them to be. As unemployment creeps in on household after household, hunger is skyrocketing and picking up speed. It’s time to help those in our own communities who have fallen on hard times. We’re taking a stand against hunger in our own backyard, and we’re on the ground working to fix the problem. Help us help your neighbors. Join us.


There exists in Mississippi the nation’s largest number of documented food insecure individuals. An astounding 28.3% of Mississippi’s children are receiving a school breakfast and a school lunch, and are then going to bed hungry each night. Short falls in food are pervading the lives of 56% of individuals aged 65 and older, while hunger in our state is only on the rise. Not only is Extra Table filling the gap, but we are also compelled to provide only healthy, nutrient dense products to those in need. The foods we provide to soup kitchens and food pantries across Mississippi contain low sugar fruits, lean proteins, whole grains, and no high fructose corn syrup. While driving down hunger in Mississippi, we will simultaneously drive down obesity by getting healthy food into the hands of those who need it most.

There exist 210,350 children in Mississippi in a state of food insecurity. That is 28.3% of Mississippi children, while 21.8% of the entirety of Mississippi is choosing between paying a bill or eating dinner. The additional money required to meet the food needs of Mississippi is $282,896,250, and there are more hungry individuals in Hinds County, MS (57,000) than there are in the entire state of North Dakota (51,850). Join us. Take a stand against hunger and stop it in its tracks. We can’t help Mississippi without you.


We are systematically abolishing hunger by attacking hunger at the start of the process. Agencies are generally receiving left overs and goods that have been cleaned out of pantries from the public. Extra Table, however, starts at the beginning of the process by ordering brand new food straight from the food distribution company. We are able to determine exactly what type of food is ordered, and thus provide healthy food to those in need. We are not supplying junk food, but are providing food that is lean protein, low sugar fruits, and whole grains. We will systematically wipe out hunger while driving down obesity and hunger simultaneously.

Providing food to the hungry is not a new concept, but the means by which Extra Table feeds the hungry is both keen and innovative. Extra Table has partnered with the nation’s largest food distribution company, Sysco, to revolutionize the concept of providing food to the hungry. Extra Table orders brand new nutritious food from Sysco who then delivers the food directly to the food pantry or soup kitchen in need; the process could not be easier. Further, Sysco provides food to Extra Table at the lowest possible price point allowing Extra Table to get more food at a lower expense. At this rate, Extra Table could triple what is being purchased for canned food drives, and make a significantly larger impact on the ever growing problem of hunger (and obesity) in our country.

The positive impact on the community is extensive as the Extra Table format is unique. We are using systems of operation that already exist. We are partnered with Sysco, the nation’s largest food distribution company. They are already driving to every city in the nation. They merely stop by our partner agency locations on the way to their regularly scheduled deliveries to drop off Extra Table’s healthy food bundles. Sysco even unloads the food for our agencies, which has a large impact as several of our food pantries are run and operated by senior citizens who cannot unload heavy cases of food. Our partner food pantries and soup kitchens are no longer being forced to spend time attempting to find a truck and driver with a commercial drivers license to pick up food, but instead we are bringing the food they need straight into their pantries. Further, we are purchasing food at the lowest possible price point that Sysco can offer. This allows Extra Table to take the dollar farther. We are able to double what individuals are raising at canned food drives at half the price, thus providing more healthy food to some of the 48,832,000 hungry in our country. Our systemic positive impact is vast and effective. We’re changing the world one can of green beans at a time. We’re here to end hunger, and we plan to do just that.