Our founder, Robert St. John, gives an interview encouraging people to give during this global pandemic

The government solution is on the way. The people solution is here todayThousands and thousands of Mississippians are out of work. They don't know when they'll get their next paycheck. They need to feed their families. Extra Table is hard at work helping to make that happen. A generous and anonymous benefactor offered a $20,000.00 match to everything we raise in the next several weeks under the #nowmorethanever campaign during this global pandemic. Now more than ever it is important for you to give to Extra Table and double your money as we will use 100% of the money raised to purchase healthy food (and we buy wholesale and in bulk), and deliver that food directly to the agencies that are on the front lines and are getting food to those who are in need. Donate to Extra Table at •#nowmorethanever

Posted by Extra Table on Saturday, March 21, 2020

Extra Table is committed to providing healthy foods critical #NowMoreThanEver as the Covid-19 virus spreads throughout Mississippi. Many Mississippians battle high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Extra Table’s nutritious food sustains those with pre-existing health conditions who are also food insecure and the most susceptible to Covid-19.

There is a greater need #NowMoreThanEver which calls for an increase in effort and financial support so that feeding efforts remain strong and consistent throughout the coronavirus pandemic as it continues to spread in Mississippi.

NowMoreThanEver Extra Table can ease concerns about these food insecure families in our neighborhoods, towns and across the state through donations that allow you to stay home, stay safe and know that Extra Table will use its buying power to make sure that the value, efficiency and dependability you expect is being met and exceeded for all Mississippians, but especially those that are the most at risk for Covid-19.

“Food is a basic human right. Food is hope for a brighter tomorrow,” said Martha Allen, Executive Director.

The individuals and families that receive food through our partner agencies can’t afford to stockpile food. They can’t comprehend and don’t relate to complicated business concerns or stock market losses. These are not the challenges of the hungry. Empty grocery pantries are their day to day reality with the added consideration now of a life-threatening illness for which there is not yet a treatment or vaccine.

#NowMoreThanEver people need food and they need good food…Extra Table’s 10 years of success provides just that!


Starting today, we are matching the first $20,000 donated and we hope to have continued matching efforts and partners in the near future. This means that your gift today and in the upcoming days will go twice as far toward our purchase and distribution of shelf stable food for pantries and kitchens across the state!

The schedule for food deliveries will be more flexible in the coming months as we work to adjust to meet the needs of our increased focus on children and the elderly. Extra Table has reached out to school districts to identify and help with resources to aid them in feeding school age children through their feeding programs. While most of our food is going to our food pantry partners, we are also working to source food for senior programs, meals on wheels and community-based programs and have partners securing volunteers for delivery to those who cannot access the pantries.

Extra Table collected the food from the Beau Rivage kitchen and will collect the food from the Hard Rock kitchen today to best utilize their inventory for all of our feeding program partners and other feeding entities.

Extra Table will be coming to you with real life stories of those experiencing hard time and reaping the benefits of Extra Table’s food.

Extra Table will be releasing a series of family friendly entertainment. Activities where you can stay busy at home in isolation and learn more about Extra Table or help make a difference (sharing, posting, contest, things to read, etc.).

***And most importantly, we are fundraising #NowMoreThanEver!!!!***

$10 provides a warm weekend breakfast for 30 kids
$20 provides a case of peanut butter
$50 Give’em greens! Veggies are important.
$100 provides much-needed protein for Seniors
$500 provides 1000 meals – feeding the masses.

*Extra Table is grateful for a donation of any amount. All donated dollars make a big difference. We make giving as easy as possible and accept one time and monthly contributions. When donating to Extra Table, your gift goes twice as far because Extra Table has incredible buying power. Extra Table takes your donated dollars and buys the best food for the most people. Extra Table is the efficient, effective and constant answer to feeding the most Mississippians lean meats, 100% fruit products, whole grains and low sodium items.

Extra Table is the AMAZING partnership launched by well-known restaurateur Robert St. John, in 2009, making a difference in the lives of Mississippians by fundraising in order to stock food pantries and soup kitchens across the state with wholesome nutritious food.

-Every day more than 200,000 Mississippi children leave school knowing they will have nothing else to eat until they arrive again the next morning.
-And the situation for senior citizens in Mississippi is even worse – 56 percent of our neighbors 65 and older are food insecure.
-The idea of such hunger right here in our home state of Mississippi seems unreal, but for ONE FIFTH of all Mississippi families, it’s a stark, devastating reality.
-Lack of proper nutrition wreaks long-term health impacts on our youth, destroys the quality of life for our seniors and cripples the economic growth of our state by undermining educational opportunities and burdening public assistance programs.

-We are in contact with our partners. Checking to see what they need in their monthly order, updating partner agency hours, and being aware of any needs that we can help with.
-Partner Agency list attached.

Extra Table is committed to providing only healthy foods which is critical in times like Covid-19. There are many Mississippians battling high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Extra Table’s food goes a long way in supporting those pre-existing health conditions and educate or encourage lifestyle changes. By providing lean meats, fruity in 100% juice, whole grains, and low sodium items, Extra Table offers a constant supply of nutritious food for our neighbors in need.