A Note From Rhonda Hayden, Extra Table’s Director of Development


Call me partial but as an avid cyclist, runner, triathlete, and race director, I can honestly say that our Farm To Fork Ride or Run is turning out to be everything an athlete could want in one race.


Whether you plan on cycling 32 miles or 62 miles, or you want to try running a 5k or 10k or the mystery distance, the Farm To Fork Ride or Run has something for everyone. Cyclist will enjoy a scenic, social ride on country roads with rolling hills. There will be pit stops along the route with an array of culinary bites prepared by local chefs. As for our runners, they will make their way down the flat and fast Longleaf Trace. We are anticipating a military presence along the running route with drill sergeants encouraging our runners to pick up the pace. If you are looking for a run to PR (set a personal record), I believe this could be your course. As for the handful of runners that have chosen to run the mystery distance, they will have to wait ’til race morning to find out how little or much they are running. The surprise element is definitely a unique feature to our Farm To Fork Ride or Run.


All of the Farm To Fork athletes will make their way back down the Longleaf Trace to the Barn at Bridlewood where they will cross our one-of-a-kind, custom-made finish line. But, don’t worry, the race doesn’t stop at the finish line! There will be a party for everyone to enjoy and regroup with their friends and fellow athletes. The Barn at Bridlewood offers beautiful, open grass spaces for our vendors to set up stations for our athletes. Stokes Distributing’s Beer Garden, Cathead Distillery’s Rehydration Cocktail Station, vendors will have BBQ grills fired up, and our athletes will be able to kick back and listen to music.


There is no doubt that the Farm To Fork Ride or Run will be a memorable event and my favorite one to organize thus far. But, just to make sure it is memorable, ALL OF OUR ATHLETES will have the opportunity to RIDE A MECHANICAL BULL and snap a few pics with their friends in front of our custom-made 8 ft tall rooster.


So, what are you waiting for?


Farm To Fork is the race all of the cool kids will be at on May 8th in Hattiesburg, MS. I cannot wait to cheer you on across the finish line along with our wonderful volunteers.


—  Rhonda