As we roll into 2013 there’s a buzz around the office. Optimism is in the air as our vision becomes reality with every minute that passes and we receive check after check in the mail; checks that purchase food for the hungry. We’re getting ready for a year full of movement, change, and growth. A year dedicated to eradicating hunger.

When you’re a baby non-profit with one employee and a killer intern every motion matters, every ripple is a wave, every penny is gold, every email gets read, every re-tweet is a victory, and every facebook “like” is a celebration. Hunger in the United States is on the rise.  We must respond.

Extra Table is expanding both deeper into Mississippi and beyond Mississippi. Hunger is pervading the lives of kids in Louisiana, Tennessee, Florida, and beyond, and their silent tears aren’t falling on deaf ears. We have been approached by people in each of these areas about expanding our reach into their communities, and there’s no way we can say no. We’re only days into 2013 and we’re already seeing more passion and interest from people committed to ending hunger in their backyard. We’re walking into 2013 ready to grab hunger where it’s at and call an end to hungry bellies everywhere.

We are prepared to see leaps of change and growth at Extra Table, but we see your commitment to your community and that’s why we’re sticking by our 100% model; rest assured that 100% of your hard earned money always has and always will feed those who need it most in your community. We’re ready to start this year off with TONS (literally) of food for hungry kids everywhere and we’re glad you’re right here with us. We couldn’t help them without you. Happy New Year.