Extra Table has been dreaming about the day we can expand into Northern Mississippi. Since the day we were founded we have wanted to reach the nation’s hungriest, who are in the Mississippi Delta. Extra Table has just made it one step closer to achieving our goal of feeding Northern Mississippi with the help of Dan and Meagan Mullen’s Mullen Family 36 Foundation.  With a donation of $10,000 to Extra Table, the Mullens are helping the lives of children all over Mississippi.

With childhood dreams of coaching college football, Dan Mullen now as the head football coach at Mississippi State University understands the importance of his own mentors and coaches. Mullen believes that every child is a winner. The Mullen Family 36 Foundation was created to help children in Mississippi succeed and reach their own greatest dreams.  As a football player, Mullen never forgot the day he received his varsity number “36” in high school. Holding such special meaning, the foundation contributes to “36” different charities around the state. We are thrilled to have been chosen as one of “36” to enrich the lives of children in our state.

By providing the healthiest foods to soup kitchens and food pantries in Mississippi, we are driving out hunger and obesity simultaneously. Mullen understands the importance of keeping Mississippi’s children healthy. We are so excited that this donation will help us expand our partnerships into North Mississippi. This gracious contribution will help us feed the little boy who dreams of playing football yet goes to sleep with an empty stomach. We are so grateful for the Mullen Family 36 Foundation’s generosity and look forward to making a larger impact on our state because of them.