HATTIESBURG, Mississippi: Eat & Run Mississippi has announced their 2019 charity partnership with Extra Table. This partnership is a great way for Extra Table to combine the healthy food shipped with the healthy mission of Eat & Run Mississippi.  

Eat & Run Mississippi exists to raise money for local charities by running and promoting tourism throughout Mississippi by inspiring people to lead healthier lives, exercise and run/walk the many race events found throughout Mississippi as well as utilize the beautiful outdoor opportunities all while enjoying the unique cuisine across our communities. They are very proud to be partnering with Extra Table and are looking for more runners.

Extra Table focuses on the shipment of only healthy and shelf stable food. This includes whole grain items, low-sodium soups and vegetables, fruit in water and lean proteins. These items are just a part of the healthy diet that every person needs, and it is so important that we get these foods out for those in need. In 2017, Extra Table shipped 130 tons of food and is currently serving 39 food pantries and soup kitchens across 29 counties.

“Getting connected with this organization helps us to exhibit just how health focused Extra Table is,” Extra Table Executive Director Martha Allen stated referring to the news of Extra Table’s partnership with Eat & Run Mississippi “Eat & Run Mississippi is such a great way to share the story of hunger and health. We are so excited for this partnership!”

Eat & Run Mississippi has achieved many things in 2018 and strives to raise even more awareness in 2019. One of the members of Eat & Run Mississippi ran the entire length of Mississippi. She started in Southaven and ran 361 miles to Gulfport in just over 8 days. The youngest member of Eat & Run Mississippi trained and completed her first half marathon while in nursing school at Ole Miss. Collectively, the Eat & Run Mississippi team ran nine 50k’s (that’s 288 miles!).

“Our organization is geared toward making a difference in the lives of everyone – runners, walkers, and in 2019, the hungry!” John Dolan, President of Eat & Run Mississippi stated, “I started running to make a difference in myself, now I am running to make a difference in the lives of others.”

For more information about Eat & Run Mississippi and how you can get involved you can visit www.EatRunMS.org

To learn more about the efficient and effective way Extra Table works to feed our hungry neighbors, visit www.ExtraTable.org or call 601-264-0672. Extra Table is always looking to grow and increase their abilities to feed more people. Supportive donors are needed to insure continued growth, visit www.ExtraTable.org/donate to become a partner in the fight against hunger.