Today, my last day as the Executive Director of Extra Table, I’ve contemplated many ways to say goodbye.  After translating ideas sketched in the margins of meeting notes, organizing files, and taking a look at the past two years, what you have been able to accomplish is astounding.  You, our donors, our supporters, our volunteers, to YOU I say thank you.  There is no way to fully express my humble appreciation of your commitment to end hunger.

When I started work at Extra Table on June 2, 2012 we were delivering food to one food pantry. Since that time, together, we have provided 65 tons of healthy food to 10 emergency food agencies stretching from Madison County to Harrison County; that translates to over 210,000 neighbors, friends, and kids fed.

I’m leaving Extra Table today encouraged, refreshed, and excited to join the team at Gateway Rescue Mission, one of Extra Table’s partner agencies in Jackson, MS.  Ending hunger IS possible. I stand by my belief that we need Mississippians to help other Mississippians. For the kids whose parents didn’t care if they got dinner or not, TOGETHER we have cared. For the widow who is out of options and can’t make ends meet, together we have created an option.  For the disabled veteran who fought for our freedom, together we have fought for their right to a meal.  For the mom who couldn’t afford a can opener to feed her hungry kids, together we have provided food that doesn’t even need a can opener.  Together we have fought to end hunger, and together we will continue to fight.

It has been an honor to work alongside each of you.

Raven Tynes