HATTIESBURG, Mississippi: Washington D.C. Charity, Taste of the South, announces plans to honor Extra Table at its annual black-tie gala themed “Community Resilience”.

Since 1982, Taste of the South, also known as TOTS, has supported charities throughout the southern states by holding a black-tie gala featuring cuisine and specialty products from across the south. Each year, Taste of the South hosts a legislative event on Capitol Hill and a gala attended by over 2,500 individuals at the historic Washington Hilton, with both events celebrating the culture and tradition of the south. Over the past 36 years, Taste of the South has been proud to contribute to more than 150 non-profit organizations.

“It is such a great opportunity we have as Taste of the South to fundraise for charities in the places we all call home,” stated Executive Committee Member Alex Monié, “Having dedicated Mississippians in leadership roles in such a respected organization is incredible. We have a big job to do and are thrilled to be able to give back to the state we love and a charity as worthy as Extra Table!”

Volunteer committee members make it their duty year-round to share a taste of their South with Washington, D.C. while giving something back to the states they will always call home. All three of the 2019 Taste of the South Mississippi representatives hail from the state. Executive Member, Alex Monié is from Biloxi, MS. Monié attended The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science and then Mississippi State University. Chairman, Chanse Jones is from Flora, MS. He attended Tri-County Academy and then studied at the University of Alabama. Vice-Chairman, Lindsee Gentry is from Southaven, MS. Gentry attended Northpoint Christian School and the University of Alabama.

2019 Featured Charity – Extra Table

This year’s featured charity is Extra Table located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Extra Table is the AMAZING partnership launched by well-known restaurateur Robert St. John, in 2009, making a difference in the lives of Mississippians by fundraising in order to stock food pantries and soup kitchens across the state with wholesome nutritious food from Sysco.  

“I am so honored— and grateful— that Extra Table was selected as the feature charity for Taste of the South. As someone who has served Southern food to restaurant customers for over 31 years, I’m happy to be feeding healthy food to our neighbors most in need,” stated Robert St. John, a Mississippi chef, restauranteur and the founder of Extra Table.

In 2017, Extra Table shipped over 130 tons of food to 39 charities across 29 counties in Mississippi. Mississippi is one of the most obese states and one of the hungriest. Statistics show that one in five people throughout the state (more than 670,000 individuals) suffer from hunger, with one in four of those being children. Extra Table pursues a critical mission of tackling hunger and providing communities with hope.  

St. John added, “The organizers of this event will be happy to know that 100% of their donation will go to purchase healthy food to mission pantries and soup kitchens throughout Mississippi.”

Taste of the South will be held in Washington D.C., on Saturday, April 6, 2019. For more information about Taste of the South, how to donate or purchase a ticket, visit www.TasteoftheSouth.org

To learn more about the efficient and effective way Extra Table works to feed our hungry neighbors, visit www.ExtraTable.org or call 601-264-0672. Extra Table is always looking to grow and increase their abilities to feed more people. Supportive donors are needed to insure continued growth, visit www.ExtraTable.org/donate to become a partner in the fight against hunger.